Sunday, December 5, 2010

Visit from North Pole

We visited Santa at Flips and Miss Mo did an awesome job. The kids made some Christmas ornaments, took pictures with Santa thank you Matt those pictures are beautiful, got some goodies and we even won a $25 gift card to Hollywood Connection. Sweet! As you can see on the picture Raimana just got up from his long nap. But at least he still gave me a smile. Precious!
Love that picture!

Hinarei with Santa

Raimana and Santa


  1. So cute, I love that R still smiled! Isn't Mo the best?!!!!

  2. Cute pictures! Way to go on drawing, so jealous!

  3. LOL! I can't stop lauging at Raimana's cute hair! Love it! Classic

  4. Yay glad to see the update, hehe! All the pictures turned out sooooo good! Way cute!!