Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

My dear sister in law Claudine gave us 12 days of gifts to open leading up to Christmas Eve where we would open the 12th gifts at our annual family Christmas Eve Dinner. She has our family for the gift exchange this year and she came up with the coolest idea. I loooove how she hand crafted the numbers so darling. So tonight we opened the first gift during FHE and it had lots of cute Christmas Tags and stickers soooo cute. I love them all. Plus how did you know I needed some Tags? :) Thank you so much Claudine you are awesome. I can't wait to share what we are getting tomorrow. :)

12 Days of Christmas

Love those tags, aren't they darling? My SIL made them she is so crafty!

Love those Christmas Tags

The Note

I love those tags that I decided to hang on our Christmas tree as an ornament.

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  1. how sweet is that! SEriously adorable! Love the idea and your tree is so pretty!