Saturday, December 18, 2010

School Christmas Party...

I had the chance to go help out with Hinarei school Christmas Party. Hinarei was so happy to see me and that she got to sit next to me. I helped with the craft table. We made a reindeer and the kids loved it. They also had a story telling station, singing station and a game station. The kids said "Thank You" to all the Moms that came to help in different languages. That was pretty cool. When it was time to leave Hinarei gave her school teacher her Christmas gift. We loooove Mrs. Wells. She is so personable and so dedicated to the kids. So happy Hinarei is in her class. A lot of Moms asked me if I were Hinarei's Mom and told me what a sweet and kind girl I have. She's always on the look out to make others around her feel loved and safe. Hinarei has such a big heart and she's always willing to give a helping hand. Love you honey for a great example you are to me.

Love that smile


Hinarei and her school teacher

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