Friday, December 17, 2010

Hinarei Christmas Recital

Tonight Hinarei had her last dance recital of the year. Papa couldn't come he was on call and that night he was very busy but that did not stop Hinarei for having so much fun. She did amazingly. She was so excited to perform. Everyone did such a great job. At the end we watched a short video of Legacy Dance past performances. Miss Mo you thank you for being such a great dance teacher. Hinarei looks up to you so much. I am so glad that you are her dance teacher, you are definitely THE BEST!

Ready to perform

After the recital we went on a daughter mother dinner at our favorite place to eat "Rumbi".

After that we went to Target so Hinarei could pick out a gift for her little brother for Christmas and let me tell you he is going to loooooove it. Then I got a Gingerbread kit house for our family. Love this time of the year.

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