Thursday, December 9, 2010

Primary Nativity Scene

Hinarei was part of the Primary Nativity Scene for our Ward Christmas Party. We only practiced once and I thought the kids did an amazing job. Thanks to Emma's Mom we didn't have to worry about the costumes because she provided all. The primary children sang 2 Christmas songs and between the 2 songs they played the nativity scene. It was a beautiful act. Sorry my pictures are blurr.

Hinarei played Mary

So well behaved.


  1. look at you! You are on a roll with your posts!

    H Looks beautiful as Mary. Glad it went so well! You are such a good Primary Pres.

  2. I was sad we missed the activity :( Looks like a lot of fun. Hinarei looks so cute all dressed up like Mary. Way to go cutie!!