Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She did it...

I am so excited for Hinarei a couple of months ago (I know I am so behind) in October she wanted to ride her small bike without the training wheels. I hesitated because she tried before and fell multiple times so she hasn't touched her bike for a while. One day out of the blue she asked to ride her bike. There were no training wheels and I didn't want to put them back on so I told her she had to ride it without. She said it was fine. So I helped her for about 20 minutes and before I knew she was pedaling all by herself...I was surprised. She was sooo happy and couldn't wait to show her Dad. We were so proud of her. So now she wants to ride her bike all the time...I guess we know what Santa is going to bring her for Christmas...:)

Look how happy she is!! We are so proud of her.

And off she goes...

1 comment:

  1. good job H! You are awesome! I hope Santa brings you what you want ;)