Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hinarei Summer Art Class!

Hinarei started going to art class and let me tell you Dani is an amazing art teacher. She does the cutest things with the kids. I am so glad I put Hinarei in that class. She is loving it and plus she gets to go along with her friends Ben and Madelyn. Thank you Dani for the pictures and ideas.

They paste newspaper clippings onto canvas. It will be a patriotic painting!! I can't wait to see the end product.

Love it!

Painting her treasure box

For art history lesson they learned about Jackson Pollock and his action paintings in which is flung, splattered, dripped and drizzled paint! So here are the kids splattering and dripping paint all over their canvas. How cool is that?

The kids are working on drawing the flowers in the pot.

Taking some well deserved break!

In deep concentration!

They started a new mini abstract in which they spread light molding paste on canvas board.

Here they were drawing the airport tower toy!

The kids LOVED my spin art machine! (RoseArt brand) They had a great time taking turns making these awesome creations..

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  1. Lots of fun going on at your house. Gotta love summer!