Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art Museum, Drive-in, St George Vacation...

We have done so much the last couple of weeks that I don't even know where to start. How about I start at the beginning!!:) Couple of weeks ago I went along H's art class to Utah Museum of Fine Arts. I've been there before with my French class when I used to teach so it was nice going back there. The Museum was amazing!! The kids did awesome, they were very quiet and attentive. Dani is such an awesome teacher. We had lunch there and I had the biggest panini Turkey Sandwich ever. It was so yummy!! Thanks Lynette for those pictures mine didn't come out right!!:)

Love that picture

Dani with her art students

The kids did an awesome job

Love the horse made out of wood

The Art Class Students


On a Friday night we decided to go see the new movie Toy Story 3 at the drive in. W's brother family Dean came along and we all had a great time. Even Tati Emily joined the fun with Arii. The kids loved the movie and laughed hard at times. I was brave enough to watch the second movie "Prince of Persia". We love drive-in we can't wait to go back again.

Toy Story 3

Tati Emily and Arii behind her late big brother's truck. She was able to fit a full mattress in the back!! That truck was a big hit with my kids.

ST George Vacation

We left on Monday to Saint George. It took us about 9 hours to get to St George because we went through Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. I have never been there and last time W was there he was probably R's age. The drive was long but the view was amazing. It sure was a nice drive through both national parks. The kids loved it. We stayed at W's parents Time share the whole week. I love how they have everything in there for your convenience (washer, dryer, kitchen with utensils, pots, pan, dishwasher, barbecue I mean everything...) I think this was our cheapest trip ever. We took the kids back to Zion National Park and hiked up the Emerald Pool trail and made it to the first one. On our way back we let the kids soak their feet in the river. We pretty much spend most of our days at the pool since it was in the late 90's...It was so relaxing, I can't wait for our next getaway in August with W's family. We love Summer!!!

H and her Papa

H and her cousin Teave



Amazing View

Zion National Park

The kids loved the tunels

So magnificent

Gorgeous Sand Stones

Town Square St George

Loving the water

So cute

H had lots of fun

This one was her favorite

Taking a lunch break then back to the pool

Doing some coloring after spending hours at the pool

Back to Zion National Park for a nice hike up to the Emerald pool.

My boy was so brave

We all made it to the first one

After a long hike we let the kids soak their feet in the river

Love that kid

Ready to go to swimming

That's how far he made it in the pool!! Little stinker!!

H had so much fun with her Dad. Those 2 can play forever!!

Love it

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  1. You guys are having so much fun! Love the drive inn! JEalous! Love that you went to sT george. DOn't you just love that public park down there ! Way to go on all the hiking and site seeing. I still have never been to Bryce Canyon!