Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free School Lunch...

After Art class I decided to take the kids to the school free lunch. It did not disappoint them! They loved it! They were all so happy to go get lunch at a school.

Here they are are walking to the school cafeteria

Picking out what they like

Carrots good choice Ben.

My cute little boy

Enjoying their lunch

Enjoying their lunch at Lynette's house before heading to the candy factory!

I found out about the free lunch when I took the kids to the library to get some books to read during summer!

Then after we had lunch at the school the kids still wanted to play so I took them to McDonald because it was very hot outside. I got some sundaes for them and they played so good together!


Yesterday my dear friend Lynette invited us to go on a candy tour. I'm glad we did the kids had an awesome time! There were a lot of rules but the kids did an amazing job not stepping out of the yellow line, not touching anything and making sure they had their hair nets on at all times. We sure ate lots of yummy treats, taffy, jelly beans and of course I had to buy some candy at their candy store. Love it! thank you so much Lynette for the invite. You are awesome! Glad we were part of your 100 things to do this summer. Maybe I should start my own list too. I don't know about 100 things though!!:)

The kiddos in front of the candy factory

Inside the candy factory. Love those hair nets! Even baby Lincoln had one. I know they are very serious about it.


Then that evening we went for a walk around bountiful lake with the Activity Day girls. The girls had a great time!

The cute girls!

After Activity Day we took the kids around our neighborhood. Raimana is getting pretty good at riding Hinarei's scooter!


  1. My gosh you are so awesome to take Madelyn for two days straight of full play time! Way to go on the free lunch too!
    DO NOT TOUCH THE YELLOW LINE! My gosh that lady was crazy! Lincoln sure did look cute with that fun hairnet on his head! Hilarious! The kids were so good!
    Good job on all the cute girls from primary. It got me so excited to think that one day they will be in young woman's! Love it! Keep them strong for us :) You do so good at your calling. I strive to be like you!
    PS I took some pictures :)

  2. Margo - you're seriously the nicest person ever! You have been so nice to let my boys play so much and to go do things with them! They have loved everything! Thank you thank you.

  3. You guys have been having lots of fun and keeping busy. What a fun idea to go to the candy factory, love it! And also the free lunch idea, the kids looked like they really enjoyed it :)