Sunday, June 13, 2010

Girls night out and a suprise visit!!

On Saturday afternoon I went out with my friends and W's sisters to watch a movie. We went to see "letters to Juliet" and what a beautiful movie that was. Also the best reason to see "letters to Juliet" is for the scenery. It was so beautiful and magnificent. I was just contemplating the warm earth tones and blue vistas of Verona, Siena, Lake Garda, and Argiano. Oh how I heart Italy!!! So to keep up with the scenery we decided to have dinner none other place else than Olive Garden. At the dinner table we kept talking about Victor and his thick Spanish accent when speaking in Italian. So funny! He was so hilarious. The waitress enjoyed listening about the movie that she was so excited to go see it. Thanks girls for a fun night out. Can't wait to go see Eclipse at the end of this month.

Beautiful Movie

Guess what?? My brother showed up at my house an hour after I got home from dinner with the ladies. I was so shocked!! He drove all day from San Francisco to here. I know he is a crazy man!! But I was happy to see him at the same time. My brother is the type of person who doesn't like to stay at the same place for more than a day. Since he loves driving He decided last minute to drive all the way here. He only stayed with me less than 24 hours then decided to go back to CA. At least I got to see him. He goes back to my home country next week. At least he spoiled me and the kids before he left. Thank you and love you brother!!


  1. ok I can see it now! How wonderful, a visit from your brother!
    Awesome girls night out!

  2. Italy is truly beautiful! I will have to watch the movie so I can travel back to it, hehe! What an awesome girls night out. And so amazing our brother decided to drive all the way here and surprise you!! Such an awesome surprise and boy must he like to drive if he just picked up after 24 hrs and drove back, so cool!

  3. P.S. And cute back ground by the way, nice!!