Friday, September 10, 2010

Boyz II Men Concert!!

We were lucky to have free tickets to go watch the Boyz II Men concert at the Fair. I was mostly excited to go see them Wayne not so much he just came to be with me, thanks babe :) Back then Boyz II Men was a BIG hit in Tahiti and I can still remember listening to their album over and over again. Since we had 6 tickets we invited Tati Emily and gave out 2 tickets to complete strangers because W's friends couldn't come anymore. The couple we chose actually drove all the way from Provo to go see the concert tonight and when they got here they realized the concert was sold out!! So I'm glad we made their night. They sat next to us and we actually had a lot of fun with them dancing, singing and sreaming!! The girls group behind us were actually louder, but it was all fun!!
This month is actually their 20th year anniversary, wow I can't believe they have been around that long!! Let me tell you Boyz II Men was sooo popular in Tahiti, so some of my friends from Tahiti couldn't believe that I was actually going to their concert. I guess they better have the Boyz II Men go to Tahiti because it would be a HUGE hit!!
Thank you so much Debbie for watching our kids. Sorry for the pictures they are kind of blurr...

I Love their voices!!


  1. I am SOOO jelous! I grew up on Boyz II Men! Serioulsy I was obsessed with them. They taught me how to harmonize. Their voices are amazing. So glad you got to go! So much fun!

  2. You are too cool for me! Love it! I am glad you had such a good time! Their voices are so good!

  3. So cool! I love them! So jelaous :)