Friday, September 10, 2010

Raimana's Birthday Party with his buddies

Today we had Raimana's Birthday Party with his friends from Joyschool. He was so excited when I told him that today he gets to celebrate his birthday with his friends. They all came Josh, Lucy, Lance and Grace, thank you so much for coming Raimana had a great time celebrating his birthday with you guys!! They ate cup cakes, ham sandwich (Raimana's favorite), grapes, strawberries, cookies...We also made a craft a Sun, they sure loved it. Then it was time to open presents and Raimana loved them all. Thank you!!

Raimana with his buddies

Sandwich, Grapes, Strawberries...

The Birthday Boy

Party Favors. Winnie the pooh spiral books.


Fun craft!

Store bought cup cakes of course from the clearance bakery rack!!


  1. Happy Birthday handsome little guy! I love the thank you tags you put for the treats super cute and creative. He looks so happy and all his little friends are adorable. So great to have little friends at such a young age, too cute!!

  2. HE is so precious!~ He makes me so happy~ I Love that he always has a huge smile for me! What a fun birthday party! I am sad that we weren't invited! I am being totally honest! WE have a birthday present for him. I will bring it over!
    Love you

  3. So fun that you did a little party for him! Josh loved it!

  4. What a cute little boy....You are so creative with all the birthday treats...Happy Birthday Raimana