Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Raimana!!!

I can't believe my little boy turned 3 today!! Seriously!! Where did the time go??? When he woke up this morning I told him "happy birthday" he was so excited!! He kept saying "it's my birthday today?" We asked him what he wanted to do and he said "Are my friends coming?". Raimana was supposed to have a birthday party yesterday but since he was sick all week I had to postpone for the following Friday. We decided to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese. We've never been there and let me tell you this place is awesome!! Raimana was in Heaven!! He tried every single ride and game!! We stayed there for at least 3 hours!!! The kids had so much fun.
However Raimana sometimes would forget where we were sitting and before we knew it he had eaten someone else pizza and showed us a couple of tokens that we know we did not give them to him...Then later he came back with tons of tickets in his hands and we knew he couldn't have won that many...Little stinker...:) After Chuck E Cheese we went home and he blew the candles on his woody cake that I got at Walmart last month for $1.50. I just put in the freezer and took out last night. Raimana couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the cake. Oh precious!! He's into the toy Story thing and love anything about the movie. He got fun birthday gifts and played with them for the rest of the afternoon. That evening we went to Mathias 1st birthday party. My friend Anabel did an amazing job. The theme was circus and the set up and decorations were AMAZING!! I loved the balloon center pieces and the party favors, the menu, I mean everything. Good job Anabel. I am so happy that both of our boys share the same birthday...I stayed and helped Anabel cleaned up and was able to get to know her parents a little more. They are the sweetest parents ever. They drove all the way from Vegas for their grandchild's birthday. How precious is that!! Love it!!

Raimana is 3 years old!!

Love to look back and see the changes year after year...

He looks so happy to be at Chuck E Cheese

They had so much fun

They loved playing that game...

Can't get enough of that cute smile

Enjoying his pizza

Enjoying his drink

She loves to take her picture

Hinarei got very lucky. She got a golden ticket worth 10 tokens for having her picture taken on the first try!! Way to go girl!!


Raimana up in the playground

Raimana Birthday Cake "Woody"

Raimana loved his birthday cake!! He couldn't stop saying "look it's Woody on my cake"

Light up the candles

Cute smile as we sang Happy Birthday to him in 3 different languages

Love that cute smile!!

Buzz light

Mathias 1st Birthday Party. My friend Anabel did such a great job!! Look at the room!! Gorgeous!!

Love the cup cake stand and the party favors. The popcorn was very yummy! I need your recipe girl.

Love the food display

Of course the kids had a lot of fun jumping in the bouncer

The pinata was tall and had lots of candy


  1. He is so precious! What a flipping fun birthday he had! I love the stories of eating everyone elses pizza and stealing tickets! That little stinker! He is so cute and makes me so happy!
    PS what an awesome tip on the cake! You are so good!

  2. The kids are getting so big. Looks like it was a great birthday celebration. So fun.