Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Raimana 1st day of school

Yesterday was Raimana 1st day at Joyschool. We are 5 Moms rotating between each other. We teach 4 hours a week 2 days a week. We treat it just like a regular preschool and more. Raimana is loving it!! I am so glad Kristin, Emma, Dani and Jen are part of it they are such great ladies to do Joyschool with. Our kiddos are going to learn so many amazing things this year, we are very excited about it. I just love it!! Plus it's only 5 kids so lots of one on one teaching with the teacher (Mom) and the child. Plus the kids already know each other so it makes the transition even better. Thank you ladies for making this happen. Plus it's saving us tons it's FREE!!! Love it!!


  1. Raimana is such a cutie! He looks so big in that picture! I am so glad that Raimana and Lance are becoming such great friends. I am so excited about joyschool and it is so nice to be saving money and still knowing that our kids are having an awesome experience. I am so excited about joyschool!

  2. Oh does he get any sweeter? I doubt it! He is so precious! Love that you guys are doing this. I hope I can find good mom's like you when it is Izabel's time!