Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a Fun Weekend

Our fun and busy weekend started on Friday. This was the day Hinarei had her First Piano Recital. She practiced a lot and did so good but when it was time to show her piano skills to her family she did not want to go. Poor thing!! I guess she was so shy and scared of all the people that were there. So after the recital was over and everyone was eating she started playing her melody on the piano. How cute!! Hinarei loves playing the piano and I know next time she will be fine. Thank you Mama'u and Papa'u for coming and Tati Claudine, Tati Emily and Hinarei's cousins. You guys are awesome!
After the recital we went home and had pizza and salad. Of course we had to watch the Jazz Game and what a game that was!! Yea go Jazz!!

Look at that cute smile! Right before the recital.

Group picture

Hinarei with her Piano Teacher. She wanted to give her teacher a bouquet of flower.

Go Jazz!! Yea!! 3-1

Saturday April 24th

I had a very busy day on Saturday. I started off the day going to my friend Kristin's baby shower. She is having a girl and has 2 boys so I couldn't be more happier for her. The food was delicious and it was nice just being there to celebrate Kristin's baby girl arrival in less than 2 weeks now. Then I had to leave early to go to Madison's baptism. I found out that she was getting baptized on Tuesday and had to plan her baptism for Saturday. It was a little work but I was able to find people that she knew to participate in her Baptism. I even called some of her classmates from primary to come and support her and they did.
Let me tell you about this little girl. She is 9 years old and has the biggest heart. I first met her a couple of months ago while visiting less active children from primary. We knocked on her door thinking it was the family we had on the list but to our surprise that family had moved out and the Gibson's family was living there now. We introduced ourselves and tried to find out if they were members or not.
We realized they were less active and had just moved into the neighborhood. We met Madison, her little brother Caleb , Zachary, Amy the Mom and Jeremy the Step Father, a very sweet family. Of course we invited them to come to church on Sunday. Then one Sunday I see Madison at the Church with one of her friends who happen to be a member and both share the same first name. I know how cool is that!! She invited Madison to come to Church and to Activity Day Girls Activity. To make a long story short, Madison on her own asked to receive the missionaries into her home and her parents agreed. She read all the passages in the Book of Mormon that the Elders asked her to read. She says her prayers morning and night and is being a great example to her little brother. Now at her baptism the Spirit was so strong and everyone in attendance could definitely feel it. She is such a special girl with a great love for her Savior Jesus Christ and his teachings. I look forward seeing her coming to church every Sundays in primary and see her beautiful smile that instantly brightens the room. It was a great Baptism.
Then at 1PM we had a Primary Activity and toured the Visitors' Center at Temple Square. We weren't sure how many people would show up but we had a pretty good turn out and really had a great time. The sisters Missionaries gave us the tour and the kids were very quiet and reverent besides my little boy who just wanted to go play. It was fun to be together as a family in a very special place. The tulips were blooming everywhere. I love this time of the year.
After the tour we had treats and off we went to our friend's Emily birthday party at Central City. Her Mom works there so we had the place all to ourselves. We played volley ball, basket ball and ate pizza. The kids got to play outside on this cool playground. So everybody was having a great time.
We went home late and Tati Emily came along. We made some crafts and decided we were hungry at 11:30PM I know very late. So we had grilled chicken and salad!! We stayed up very late and just hang out together. It was a busy but yet an awesome day.

Lynette and Kristin

The table

Madison and her grandpa

Love this time of the year

It was so hard to get a smiley picture of him

Some of the primary children by the Statue of Christ

The sisters Missionaries who took the primary children on a tour of the visitor's center



Raimana was glued to that little dog. He wanted to pet Coco all the time.

Having Fun at the playground


Hinarei playing part of her song while everyone was having refreshments.Cute!! Way to go Hinarei we are so proud of you.

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  1. I asked Ellie about the recital and she said that Hinarei was too shy, but, she had a beautiful dress on. I thought that was cute.