Thursday, April 8, 2010

Joy School and The Last Song!!

Here is a cute picture of Josh, Raimana and Lance (Lucille is missing) our cute little Joy School. Every Monday Raimana gets so excited to go to joy school and be with his buddies. He has already learned so much. They are such cute kids and I am so glad that 3 of my friends who are very talented are doing it with me. Thanks Kristin for taking the picture and thank you Dani for dropping my boy off my house last Monday. You ladies are awesome!! Thank you for teaching my boy. Emma you are awesome!!

We went to see that movie last night and I thought it was great. If it wasn't for my niece Vaitiare who pretty much begged us to take her watch that movie my sister and I wouldn't have chosen to go see that movie. However it was a good movie and we really enjoyed it!! So thank you Vaitiare for being so persistent!! Tonite was the girls night out because last night the boys went to see the Jazz Game which actually turned out to be a great game. Go Jazz!!


  1. oh my heck! That picture of the kids up top are to die for! Love it love it love it!!!!

    How cute is the picture of the little boys together. so precious! Are they old enough to be in joy school? Aren't they still our babies! Precious!

  2. What a cute picture, Kristin is awesome! We love Raimana!!!