Thursday, April 8, 2010

Temple Date, Night Out, and Ice Cream...

Today was such a beautiful and warm day. Totally the opposite of yesterday!! I am so glad Wayne and I were able to squeeze in a Temple Day. My sister was kind enough to watch my kids. She actually took them to Kangaroo Zoo. I know, I have the Best Sister Ever!! The Endowment was beautiful and very inspiring.

After the temple we joined my sister and her hubby to a night out. We went to eat at the Texas Roadhouse the food and the ambiance was awesome!! Thanks sister for inviting us for dinner. Love ya!!

Then later that night we went to eat a Daddy Doug super-sized Banana Split at Leatherby's. The kids loved it!! All I can say it was a lot of ice cream!!!


  1. Wow you had some serious updating to do, you have been a busy girl!! So great you were able to go to the Temple we need to do much better on that. LOVE the new pictures! Its so hard to get 2 kids to pose correctly so great job they both look great! So glad your family was in town and you were able to enjoy them, love family time :)

  2. What a wonderful date night and can I say how much I LOVE leatherby's of my gosh. My mouth is watering!

    Love your new family pictures! Precious! Seriously beautiful! They make me happy to look at! Love them!

  3. You guys had a very fun night! I too love the new pictures. Those kids are so CUTE!

  4. Aw, those tulips are so gorgeous. Sounds like you did have a great date. I love Hinarie pretty smile... and your little boy looks so big and so handsome. You have a lovely family.

  5. You wellcome. It is always wonderful when we go to the temple. It is really peaceful. When I come and visit you, other than shopping, I always enjoyed going to the temple specialy when it is not far from your house. We dream of one day have a house near the temple...