Monday, April 5, 2010

My Sister Family is In Town

Last Thursday my sister's family arrived in Utah for General Conference Weekend and Spring Break. Her kids have 2 weeks Spring Break but good thing they came right on our 1 week Spring Break. Hinarei was counting the days, she was so excited to have her cousin Tehani over and play with her. That is exactly what they did. Hinarei wanted to be in the same car as Tehani and go wherever Tehani would go. They are only 9 months apart and Hinarei thinks she is the coolest of her cousins. So sweet!!! What a fun weekend we had!! My brother's family was supposed to be here as weell but there was a strike in Tahiti so they couldn't board the plane. We were all so disappointed. Oh well good thing there's always a next time.

On Friday afternoon we took the kids to the Movie to watch "How to train your dragon" What an awesome movie. It was my first time watching a movie in 3D and it did not disappoint me. My sister and I were with the little ones and we had a blast. The bigger kids and the hubbys wanted to go see "clash of the Titans" not that great of a movie if you ask me!!:) In the evening we attended the "Tahitian Missionary Reunion". The Stake Center was packed. I think there were at least 300 people if not more. A lot of groups came from Tahiti and it was nice seeing old friends and visit with them. Good thing we had enough food for everyone.:) What a fun evening!!!

That was an awesome Movie!!!

Hinarei first time going to a 3D Movie. She loved it but sometimes she didn't want to wear the glasses. So I guess I will only take her to watch the regular movie and save money. :)

Raimana with Teva they can't wait to go watch that movie.

Tahitian Missionary Reunion. The food was yummy!!

Hinarei enjoying her dinner.

On Saturday morning, we all got up early so we could follow General Conference. The talks were so spiritual and inspiring. It was AWESOME!!! As always Babe goes to General Conference and help with Interpretation. He supervises the Marshallese Group and is loving it. During the AM and PM General Conference we had a little Easter Egg Hunt for the kids in our backyard. They had tons of fun!!! Raimana was sooo into it and got lots of eggs.
That night we had dinner at Terava's house my sister's childhood friend. We had barbecued "heart Cow Beef" and it was yummy!! I know it sounds gross but it is soo good. You should try it!!:) Thanks Terava for inviting us, dinner was great. I want the recipe of your rice salad that was yummy!!

Easter Egg Hunt

Having Fun

Look at all those eggs!!

Picture Time!!

Cow Beef Heart before they barbecue it. We forgot to take pictures when it was done. Sorry!

On EASTER DAY we watched conference and had dinner with Babe's family at the Stake Center. We invited a couple Tahitian Families visiting from Tahiti. The food was delicious and we had a little fireside about Easter. Then we had the kids do Easter Egg Hunt, it was a lot of fun.

The Tahitian Group with the Munanui Family

My beautiful niece Vaitiare

Hinarei dancing on the stage

Raimana got the big Easter Egg basket!!

Raimana with his cousin Teiki. They are only couple of weeks apart. So cute.

Here's a picture of them when they were a couple of months old.
Teiki and Raimana. So cute!!

Yesterday we got pounded with few inches of snow I know I thought it was Spring too but not just yet!! I guess you never know with mother nature, especially in Utah!!! So I decided to take my sister's family sledding on the benches. There was tons of snow and they had a blast. However it was very windy and cold but it didn't stop my nephews and nieces going down the hill and had a blast. Babe joined the fun right after he finished work. Raimana and Hinarei had so much fun going down the hill in the snow.

The kids playing outside with the snow.

Trying to make a snow man.

Sledding at the East Benches!!

Having a great time!!

Hinarei had tons of fun playing in the snow. She actually went down the hill all by herself. She has improved a lot since the beginning of this winter season. We are so proud of her.

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  1. GOsh where do I even start with my comments on this post.
    Love the How to tame a dragon movie! Wasn't toothless so cute?!
    Love that your sister is in town, love how your cultral always gets together and parties!
    Man the easter bunny sure did show up at your house! Tons of eggs and then another huge easter egg hunt at the church! You know how to party that is for sure!
    Love that you took the kids sledding! Will you remind me next year when it snows to go do that with my girls. You make it look like so much fun!