Friday, October 30, 2009

Trunk Or Treat!!!

Tonight we went to Wayne's parents ward for trunk or treat since our ward didn't have one. The kids were soo excited to go trunk or treating with their cousins. Papa'u trunk was decorated and up we went to the trunk or treat. It's always fun to go to Wayne's home ward for activities. The members there are so caring and loving. Plus Wayne and I lived there for 3 years and have worked closely with many of them in the ward. So it's always a pleasure to go back there and see how's everybody's doing. I can't believe how many of the kids that I used to teach in primary are now all grown up attending YW and YM, it makes me feel old!!!:) They had hot dogs, chili's, beignet, hot chocolate, YUM!
The kids had a blast doing trunk or treating. Hinarei pretty much went around 10 times with her cousin Heiana. They were both dressed as princesses, sooo cute. They even gave out some toothbrushes and toothpaste he must be a dentist. Wayne said growing up they had a dentist in the ward and is glad that once again another dentist is in his home ward!! After eating a lot of candies Hinarei brushed her teeth with the one she got from Trunk or Treating. Raimana went through all the trunks once and started eating his candies then spit them out!! Little stinker!!
We sure had a fun Trunk or Treat with family.

My little pirate and little princess

Ahoi!! My cute little pirate. That hat did not stay on his head for long.

Check out his sword

And off he goes asking for candies

He sure had a lot of fun

Searching for more candies

The princesses

The Little princess started to be cold

Trunk or Treat. All the grandkids by Papa'u trunk with Tati Leoni.
Hinarei, Michael, Teave, Heiana, Tamatea, Raimana, and Teiki. They sure had a BLAST!!

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  1. That is so fun! I love that Raimana kept spitting out his candy! What a stinker but what a cute stinker! I am with Hinarei I would go around as many times as they would let me! Good family time!~