Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Monsters

It's this time of the year when Hinarei asks to make a pumpkin monster. I got those pumpkins for such a GREAT deal. So today we made our pumpkins look like MONSTERS!! But they don't look that scarry to me!!:) The kids really had a fun time working on their own pumpkin and ended up doing Maman and Papa's pumpkins as well. Then Hinarei said "we need to put them outside" so we did. Hinarei is going to be a princess and Raimana is going to be a Pirate. It's going to be a fun Halloween!!

Scary Monsters in the house

So cute

My handsome boy

Proud of their masterpieces. The one on the bottom is Hinarei's pumpkin she made at preschool.

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  1. so cute! Love your kids! i could just squish them! How cute that you put her preschool pumpkin out!