Monday, October 19, 2009

Scarecrow Festival

Today we went to the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point. Hinarei had her dance performance there so it was a perfect day to go there so we thought. Wayne couldn't come because of work but his mom came and so Hinarei's cousin Tekehu who just had a baby sister last week. Raimana stayed with Papa'u and had a great time with his grandpa. Thanks Dad! At the festival there were tons of activities for the kids to play with. Hinarei and Tekehu really had a great time together. They just played, played and more played!! They really loved the inflated slides. Before Hinarei show starts we got some happy meal for dinner. Around 4:00PM it started to rain and it was very windy. At first it was bearable but when it got closer to Hinarei's performance the wind really started to pick up it seemed like a big storm was coming. Hinarei was very cold, tired, and sleepy. She kept complaining about it. Plus the dance company before us performed forever on the stage. Anyways! During her performance Hinarei did great she really had a great time but towards the end she started to cry because she couldn't find her star on the stage, poor thing! She was very upset about that!! It's okay Babe you are my star!! I Love You!! But besides that she had a fun day with her cousin Tekehu and she did great during her performance.

Tekehu, Mama'u and Hinarei

Love Candies!

She's loving it

More slide

Good Hit

Small Train Ride

Eating Chicken Nuggets from McDonald her favorite!

Love that pose

She did not want to look at me

Madelyn and Hinarei B.F.F Aren't they adorable!!

Getting set up on the stage

You did great baby I Love You!


  1. I can't believe you already posted about it. I am still trying to get over the trama of it all! I am sure glad we went early to enjoy the good weather. I couldn't believe how adorable all the girls did and it made me sad to see her so sad when she couldn't find her star! Love her to pieces! Our girls are so dang cute!

  2. PS thank you so much for saving my baby Izabel from the cold! I have your blanket and I will drop it by your house! WHo would have thought the weathe was going to be that bad! Love you!

  3. Awww, I was wondering why she was crying at the end. She couldn't find her star. How sad! But she did great though!!! So cute! Glad I could see it live. So adorable!

  4. Oh no poor girl she could not find her star, I saw her cry after but with all the drama and cold weather I didn't know why she was crying. Sorry I missed her performance live but she did great! I love the picture with her posing with her dance outfit, so dang CUTE!! Thanks for holding the baby so I could take pictures of Bri, it seems like you always come to my rescue during these recitals, love-ya and I appreciate it more than you know :) Man that weather was horrible we left running and I was so glad it was all over, cannot say I am looking forward to next year, hehe! Also great job on all the blog updating you have been very busy.