Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ward Camp Out

Our Family in the Spruces

For our last family camp of the year we decided to go to our Ward Camp Out in the Spruces at Big Cottonwood Canyon. There were a lot of people from our ward who showed up so it was a great success. We left our place it was about 100 degree very hot we got to our camp site it was 85 degree. The weather during the day was very pleasant night time it was pretty chili good thing we had good sleeping bags. The thing that I liked the most there, they had flushable toilets. Yea!!! I was so happy for that!!! Also due to the high volume of people from our ward coming camping we had to overbook the camp sites. Besides that everybody had a lot of fun. In our camp site there were the Andersons, Higbees, Casanovas, Fords, The Drummers, and our family. The kids would go and play everywhere and try to find chipmunks, or other little animals. There was a small creek running through the campsite and the water was very cold. We really had a fun time with everyone. My kids loved it and when it was time to leave they really didn't want to go home.

We were welcome in our camp site by a Moose and her two little ones. They were pretty close to us. So we hurried and grabbed our camera. You gotta love nature.

Hinarei with Kira

Aaah the smell of nature!

Hinarei and Hannah


Kristin and Sugey

Love the fire pit

Raimana enjoying the fire

Raimana enjoying one of his favorite dish (chicken, with peas, and carrots). By the time we ate, it was still warm. YUM! You gotta love coolers!

Okay Hinarei was having such a great time with all her friends. She played non stop till it was time to go to bed.

Raimana roasting some marshmallow

Great job my little boubou

The Men of my life

Love that cute picture

Ward Devotional

Sleeping beauty

My little stinker who woke us up way too early!

He loved playing with the flashlight

He was telling me that he had found the flashlight (he would say light)

Josh, Ben, Raimana, Keaton and Hinarei would go and play all around the camp site

Happy Camper


Sarah and Hinarei. They loved playing hide and seek together.

Babe had to go pick up Hinarei who was playing by the creek with other kids. So scarry!

We had a yummy breakfast. Continental Breakfast.


  1. What a party! It looks like you had so much fun! Sad that we missed it. I need to go camping one mroe time! Love that you got to see Mooses! Your kids are so stinking cute. Raimana's smile is so adorable!

  2. Nice pictures of you all in the spruces! I remember Big Cottonwood Canyon, very nice area. Now the Moose episode was awesome and you have a pix to prove it! You guys are such the campers lately...

  3. Oh so fun, we are sad we could not make it but J was out of town, we are so bummed out we missed it, it really looks like a great time. Hopefully they do it again next year. The kids sure do look ike they had a great time playing, yay for camping!

  4. What a fun campout! Looks like lots of fun & not enough SLEEP! How did your primary program go today? Have a great week cute lady.

  5. We couldn't be happier for the outcome of our primary program. Everything was perfect seriously. The kids sang beautifully, they behaved sooo good, they said their parts with confidence, everyone in the chapel felt the presence of the spirit so strong, it was perfect especially with 85-90 kids on the stage. We even finished right on time 5 after 2. All I can say it was perfect.