Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pineview Lake

On Saturday we went to Pineview Lake with Babe's family to celebrate my nephew's birthday. We got there pretty early so we could have a nice spot at the beach. We pretty much stayed at the beach the whole day. We got there around 9:00AM and left there at 9:00PM I know crazy huh? It was soooo much fun though. The kids just played in the water or with the sand the whole day. We had food, cold drinks, some shade, so it kept us going all day. I couldn't believe that it was so late by the time we left the lake. It was so nice to just seat, talk, relax, and enjoy the sun. Winter is getting so close that we just want to spend as much time outside as possible. Our friends Laina and her husband joined us later that afternoon. We are definitely making a family tradition that's how much we loved it. Now I am sore on my shoulders but hey it was worth it. I know I got sunburn can you believe it??LOL:)

There were a lot of people there but good thing we got there early to get a nice spot

Tamatea the birthday boy who turned 2

Love the cake Claudine. What a great deal!

Sunshine having a blast

Jordan relaxing

Everybody having a great time at the beach

Raimana with his Mama'u

Having Lunch

Sunshine is relaxing on the water

Somebody is having a relaxing time

Boubou and Teiki playing together

Boubou did not go in the water not even once. Little stinker!

Sunshine and Heiana best friends forever

They just played together all day. It was fun watching them!

Our little spot


  1. We love Pineview! It's so easy to spend the whole day there, and not even notice!

  2. What a blast! My gosh and you got sunburned? What? You need to get out in the sun more :)
    Glad you had such a good fun filled day with the family!

  3. Pineview is a fun place. Yummy cupcakes! MmMmm. I'm glad you had such a good day with everybody.

  4. You guys just need to get a boat now. You'd be there every weekend! What a fun day. I love the cake too...very creative!

  5. I need to seriously get some directions to this place it looks like so much fun! All the kids (young and old!) had a great time and that is such a cute cake. At times like this I wish I was not so pregnant so I could go play as well, haha!