Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching Up!!!

I know I haven't been updating my blog for a month now so please bear with me I will try to attempt to write about a whole month of fun. Here we go.


We've had a garden since we first moved here. But This summer besides tomatoes, cucumbers, and green pepper we decided to plant squash and zucchini. To our surprise we got tons of those some were even bigger than we thought we would get. I guess I didn't check our garden as often as I should!! Oops!!We are definitely going to make some more next year but this time I'll make sure I pick them at the right size.

From our Garden to Our Table

In our Stomach

Love Fresh Veggies from our garden


My handsome little boy

(Sneak Peek picture: My dear friend Lynette took our family pictures once again this year and they turned out Beautifully Amazing!! We only spent half and hour photo session and she got beautiful pictures of my family and my children. Thank you soooo much Lynette you are THE BEST!!! )

Wow I can't believe that my baby boy turned 2 on September 4th. All I can say he has grown so much and our love for Him keeps growing each day. Raimana is such a happy boy and is definitely a Mama's boy. His favorite words are "Hi", "Bye", "je veux a boire" (means "I want a drink" in French), "Nana" referring to his sister, "Maman", "Papa", "no", love to nod his head to say "yes" or "no". He loves reading books, playing with his sister and when we drop off Hinarei at school he always ask "Ou est Nana?" (meaning where is Hinarei?) so cute. He is such a cuddling boy, he loves giving kisses, snuggling with his Maman, Papa, and sister, watching his favorite cartoon, and eat mac and cheese. He sure brings so much joy and happiness into our lives. Now He knows what he wants and how he wants. I just love kissing and hugging him all the time. He is truly an amazing boy, I love him soooo much. Happy Birthday my sweet little boy, We love you.
On his actual birthday we celebrated together as a family. We took the kids to "Discovery Gateway" and they had lots of fun. The battery died on his birthday so no pictures!!!:( Then on Sunday we celebrated his birthday with Wayne's family.

What a cute smile

I made a big cup cake for a big boy with skittles on it.

C'mon blow your candles

Raimana 2 year check up. He did not want to look at me. Little stinker!! He is healthy and is just growing fine as a little boy. He got his flu shot the first one in our family.


Hinarei was sooooo excited to go back to school. I have copied this cute idea from a friend's blog to do a "back to school theme" with her kids. I thought it was such a neat thing to do. So I decided to start my own little tradition with Hinarei since she is officially the only one going to school right now. Hinarei started going to school on Wednesday September 9th. I wish she could go to school in Tahiti. Kids go to school there all day. Why can't they do this here? Anyways!!!
The night before we introduced a school theme for the coming school year. Our theme this year is "Remember". Remember who you are, remember what you are learning at school and at home. Remember to listen to your teacher. Be nice to your friends and share with them and also with your brother at home. So we discussed about the theme and had waffles with fruits and Nutella Hinarei's favorite. She was sooo excited about going back to school the next day. Her Papa gave her the sweetest blessing and she sat still throughout the prayer. What a moving experience. I've got chocked up a couple times. I can't believe my little is going to Kindergarden next year. Time sure flies.
I'm glad I've started this new tradition and know it will be an important part of her school year to remember the things that she has been taught and to retain them throughout her life. We are just building a foundation now that will shape her life.
The next day I drove her to school and she fit right in. Her friends Madelyn and Ben from "Joy School" are in her class too. The teacher Miss Michelle is soo cute. I love her classroom and after her first day Hinarei was in Heaven and was already excited to go back to school. I carpool with my friend Lynette I take the girls to school and she picks them up. It works out just fine for us. I love it. Oh yes also thank you Lynette for driving Hinarei to and from dance class every week. You are AWESOME!!
Finally, I have to write about Hinarei and what a great helper she is to me making sure the house is clean. Whenever she has friends over or when she wants to do something or get something I tell her to go clean her bedroom and she does an amazing job. I am impressed of the things she does when cleaning her room. She knows how to fold her clothes and put them in her dresser. She is always willing to help in the house. I love her so much. She even clean her little brother's bedroom how sweet is that?

Our Theme for this school year is "REMEMBER". I made this cute little banner it was pretty easy to make. Thanks Erica for the idea.

Waffles For Dinner

Yummy Waffles

Favorite toppings, Fruits, Whipped cream, syrup, and Nutella (Our Favorite)

First Day in School

Small Stars Preschool

Washing hands before class starts

Writing down their names for attendance

Hinarei with her teacher Miss Michelle


This is the time of the year where people get the canning fever and this was my first time to try. Thanks to my dear sister in law Leoni for being willing to teach us how to make her delicious salsa. We spent the afternoon making those, it was a long process but so worth it.

This salsa is soo delicious!!

Remi 60th Birthday Luau Party

We attended Remi's luau party on Friday September 11th in Provo. Remi has been part of Wayne's family for many many years and consider him just like their uncle. He used to work with Wayne's dad at the church office. It was a fun evening with lots of food, good entertainment, and great fun.

The Birthday Man

Love that cute dress I got on a yard sale for $2. It fits her perfectly.

My two little munchkins

There were a performance from Hawaii and Tahiti. It was beautiful!!

Hinarei's First Talk, Singing in Primary and Our Primary Program

I don't have any pictures to document this but Hinarei gave her first talk in primary with her Papa's help. I was too busy conducting during opening exercise so I asked Babe to help her. She talked about temples and the importance of going to the temple. After her talk she sang "I love to See The Temple", she was not afraid at all she sang her lungs out I was soo proud of her. She did all by herself. The opening exercise was in the chapel due to our primary program practice. She did sooo well even in that setting. What a great accomplishment she amazes me every day of the things that she does. I love you my sweet little girl, you did a great job.
She also did an awesome job during our primary program in sacrament. She said her part very well "My name is Hinarei and I want to have an Eternal Family". Everybody in primary did sooo well I am so proud of the primary children. We finished the program right on time it was perfect. The kids were sitting quietly and they sang loud and beautifully. Everybody in the chapel truly felt the spirit. Wayne's parents came to see Hinarei's primary program. Thanks Mom and Dad for being there for Hinarei it really meant a lot to her.
Just to let you know we have about +80 kids in primary so it was a full stage. I am still amazed on how well they did. We had our program early because the primary president is pregnant and she is due next month. Now I am sooo glad it's over...

Legrand Ward Neighborhood Fest and Baby Sitting Co-Op

On a Saturday we went to Wayne's parents ward for their neighborhood fest. We used to live in that ward before when Wayne's parents were gone to Tahiti as Temple president so when Dad called and told us about it we were excited to go and see old friends. But then I remembered that we told Amy that we would watch her kids while her and her husband go to the temple. So we took her 3 little boys with us to the activity. They had a blast, they had their face painted, checked out a firefighter truck, ate cotton candy, played games, jumped on a bouncer, and ate good food. The kids sure had a blast.

Here is Braydon eating cotton candy. This was the best cotton candy I have ever had. Seriously!!

Jaxon and Braydon in the fire truck

Hinarei getting her face painted

Weston cute little boy

Baby Sitting Co-Op

I am part of this Baby Sitting Co-Op that we have in our neighborhood. Jen is the one who had the idea that she got from her sister in law. I've been in this group for couple of months now and I loooooove it.

This is a description of what a Baby Sitting Co-Op is:

A group of parents about 10 of us right now who trade babysitting with each other in payment of coupons. If someone needs babysitting on a certain day, they email everyone on the list and ask who is available on a certain day, time and for how long you need a sitter for. When you babysit for someone, they give you coupons that you can then use next time you need a babysitter. At the beginning you have 10 coupons and one coupon count for one child per hour. Then we also have the weekend coupon good for the whole family for 3-4 hours during the weekend.

The Benefits
  • You don't feel bad asking someone to watch your kids because if they are available that day they will do it, and they will get coupons to use for themselves.
  • You don't have to do a one-on-one trade with another family--this eliminates schedule conflicts and trying to keep things even.
  • Moms can get a babysitter during the day for shopping, appointments, cleaning, going to the temple, or even taking a much-needed nap! :)
  • You save money by not paying a babysitter
I have been using this baby sitting co-op and am loving it. I've used for date night with my hubby, for just being home alone without kids, for shopping, for doctor appointments and many more. If anyone live in the neighborhood and would like to participate just contact Jen.
I would like to thank Jen for putting this together, this has been such a rewarding experience for my family. I have more coupons than I should have so I better ask people to watch my kids so others can have more coupons. If I'm available I will definitely watch anyone's kids.

Activity Days Fashion Show

I oversee Activity Days in primary and I love it. The leaders and the girls are awesome. Last week we had a Fashion Show, Hair style and facial it was a mother daughter girls night out. It was a great turn out. The girls had so much fun having they hair done by two amazing sisters Alicia and Debbie thank you so much guys for being willing to come and do this for the girls. You guys are the best! The girls really had the best time ever. They had a facial, got to know their moms better, had great tips on how to make hair look beautiful by doing simple things, and at the end they walked like models to show their new hair do, their modest outfit, and beautiful smile. The girls looked so pretty!!! It really was a great activity!!!

They really had a fun time with their moms

Brianny getting her hair done

Gabby a brand new member in our ward

How cute is that??

Gorgeous Hair!!


  1. where do I even start with this post?
    Awesome garden! Jealous it is in your own backayrd
    Yummy Salsa - thank you for sharing with me!
    Love your baby boy - he makes me so happy. I love how he hugs and kisses me too!
    I love that we car pool together for preschool - I know i can count on you. Love that are kids go to the same school!
    Sunshine did an awesome job on her talk and primary program. She made me tear up when she sang her sweet song!

    I think you need to post more often? love you!
    Glad you like the pictures I took!

  2. WOW girl I'm impressed! I like your green garden...it's hard to grow vegies here in Arizona. I remember when we use to live in UT we grew vegies (especially corn) it was great to just go to the backyard and pick what you needed for dinner. LOVE love love the huge cupcake for your son's b-day (I like it, I'll use that idea)and the school theme "Remember"(like that too). Activity days I use to do that many years ago it was a fun learning time! My girl loves Activity days! You did a great job!
    Happy b-day to your sweet 2 year old - hello terrible 2's (hope not) lol. Take care.

  3. Yay happy 2nd birthday to your sweet boy, can't believe he is 2 years old already I still remember you being pregnant with him! Wow I know why you have not been posting, you have been too busy making memories, loved the update :)

  4. No wonder you've been on blog hiatus! What a crazy, busy month you've had! I'm shocked that you have a 2 year old now! Time is flying so fast! Gotta love that school has started now and the kids are back into some kind of routine! I know I'm loving it! Wish I could see you once in a while, but you're never at dance anymore! Hope to see you at the scarecrow festival!