Saturday, August 22, 2009

Elder Todd

We are so proud of my nephew Elder Reihia Todd who made the decision to serve the Lord and to give 2 years of his life for building the kingdom of God on earth. Elder Todd is the first grand child in our side of the family so he is the first grand one to serve a mission. He's being a great example to all his siblings, cousins in the States and Tahiti, and family and friends. He is going to serve in the Louisville Kentucky Mission. He is very excited to serve the Lord and has prepared himself all his life and now is ready. We love you and wish you all the best on your mission.

Called to Serve Elder Todd

His parents took him for his last dinner with his family to the Roof and he sure loved the view. He loves playing the piano.

Last family picture before entering the MTC. Vaitiare is not in the picture she was at girls camp.

Bye bye Elder Todd see ya in two years.

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  1. ah these young men who serve are inspirations to all...Like you said he's being a great EXAMPLE to his siblings, cousins and friends.
    By the time you know it our boys will be doing this.