Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What have we been up to lately!!!

I know it's been months since I last wrote on my blog so please forgive me if this is a lot of information all at once. Well Christmas is right around the corner and I didn't even write about Thanksgiving.


We spent Thanksgiving with Wayne's Family and friends living in the valley. We actually held the event at our Ward Building. There were tons of food, I made my first Turkey and it turned out GREAT I forgot to take the end result picture of the Turkey I'll do next year. Thanks sista for your help. We pretty much spent the whole day there, eating, talking, making cute crafts, playing volleyball and basket ball. It was a very FUN day.

Those were fun to make. We painted those small blocks, put ribbon and all you need to do is modgepod your pictures. Thanks Claudine for this fun craft.


The birthday girl Hinarava

Hinarei was invited to Hinarava's birthday and they made Gingerbread Houses. Hinarei had a great time making her gingerbread house with all kinds of candies, she loved it.

Teave's Birthday

Hinarei and Raimana were very happy to celebrate their cousinTeave's birthday. He's 6 years old and right now He is Hinarei's favorite cousin to hang out with. The following day she asked us to take her to Teave's house so she could play with her cousin. She bugged us the whole day.


My dear friend Lisa gave us some free passes to Kangaroo Zoo it is a fun place with huge inflated bouncing and sliding. The kids love going to that place. We took the kids a couple of times already. They even got free slurpee since Lisa was working. Those are fun Family Night!


I've been taking the kids to DC quite often this past couple of weeks. I'm so happy we got a yearly membership and we are definitely going to renew it. The kids just love that place. Every time we go there we spend a good 2 hours that's how much they love being there. Plus every time we go there are rarely anybody there so they pretty much own the place.

Raimana loves playing with those magnets to build things.

Raimana and Hinarei loves going to the market

Raimana loves planes, helicopter, pretty much anything that flies.

Our Future Pilot


This week after taking the kids to go play at DC I decided to take them watch "The Princess and the Frog" movie. Hinarei had been wanted to go see the movie since it came out last week. So I took the challenge to take a toddler to the movie. We had lunch at McDonald and of course we had to have popcorn at the theater. To my surprise Raimana did great, he stayed in his seat most of the times and ate his popcorn. When he was up he would just go around and come back so we had a great time. Hinarei loves the movie and couldn't stop talking about it.


Who would have thought that Santa Clause would be at the same place where the H1n1 flu vaccine was given. The kids got their first shot last month so today I took them for their second shot. Since I didn't take them to see Santa, Hinarei and Raimana were pretty excited to see Santa. At least I got 2 things done at one place. Both kids cried this time probably because they still remembered their first shot. Poor thing but I'm glad we are all vaccinated except my hubby who thinks he's invincible!!:) Men!!!:)

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  1. Man you have been doing a lot of stuff - but it is fun stuff! Love that they got to see Santa while they were getting there flu shot .That is kind of mean of Santa! Pretty funny too!
    Bacon wrapped Turkey? That is genuis!
    Love that you love DC so much. Our pass expired! Darn it but I do know how much fun it is when you are the only people there!