Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hinarei Last Performance of the Year!!

Tonight Hinarei had her last Performance of the Season held at Flip's Gymnastic. Babe had to work that night so since I am part of this amazing group of women called "babysitting co-op" it didn't take me long to find someone my dear friend Kristin to watch my little boy while I take Hinarei to her performance. Hinarei did an amazing job, she performed well and had a great time. It was very fun watching all the different groups perform, they all did an awesome job. After the performance Miss Mo gave each girl a cute kitty bag and Hinarei loves it. After dance we went to our favorite yogurt place, it a was really fun night. Thanks Kristin for watching my boy.

Posing before going to Flips.

Raimana wanted to be part of the picture too.

Another pose before her performance

Thanks Miss Mo for this cute bag, Hinarei loves it.

After hard work comes the reward. She was in heaven!

We are so proud of you Hinarei, you did an Amazing job!


  1. She did such an amazing job! She is so beautiful! It was fun being with you last night! You are so fun to be with!

  2. Yay she did an amazing job, she is a natural! I love how well trained our kids are as soon as they see the camera they pose for us, hehe! It was great to finally see you yesterday it seems like ages, thanks for holding Mathias you are such a great friend ;)