Saturday, March 29, 2014


This is the first year we have decided it's time for our family to jump on the wagon and get season pass for the whole family. We went today on the first day it opened. We woke up the kids early and told them we were going somewhere fun. They didn't know until we gave them some clues and immediately Hinarei's face light up and she said "we are going to Lagoon" priceless. We got there pretty early before it opens. To our surprise our dear friends were there too. The Watts and the Johnsens. The kids were so excited. We had so much fun. Hinarei would go on the rides with Izabel those two were inseparables. So cute!! Teahi wasn't really into going on the rides. He tried a couples but that was it. Raimana had fun going on rides with Papa. As for me I only went on one ride then I was done. I know I'm getting old.

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