Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hinarei's Piano Recital

Last night we attended Hinarei's Piano Recital. She was soo excited she has worked so hard all month and it has definitely paid off. I couldn't be more proud of her. Last year she had her moment and didn't want to play piano anymore because it was too hard. So we changed teacher (thanks to my dear friend Lynette who recommended a great piano teacher) then she started to like piano again. I am so glad she kept playing and now she is loving it.

Mama U and Papa U came to see her play and she was so happy to see them there. She played so beautifully. I could tell she was a little bit nervous at first but after seeing other students do their parts she felt calm and ready to play. To our surprise she won the competition of the most practiced days. I didn't even know they had a competition...She did 41 days out of 48 days so she got a gift card to DQ. Way to go Hinarei...

Madelyn her friend since preschool did beautifully as well. She even won the most days practiced as well. Way to go girls...

 Hinarei at the Piano

 Hinarei with Izabel and Madelyn

Hinarei and her Piano Teacher

Hinarei with her Grand Parents Mama U and Papa U


  1. Great job cute girl! So amazing!! What a great life lesson from wanting to quit to doing so well and winning a prize, woohoo!

  2. She is amazing! So beautiful on the piano. We just love h!!