Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Little Artist!!!

Wow where should I begin!!!! I guess one event at a time...Here we go....
Hinarei took Art Class during Summer and she loved it. Dani her art teacher was amazing. She did an excellent job with the kids and they painted the most beautiful and unique masterpieces ever. Hinarei loved going to art class with her buddies. So here are some of her accomplishments. We are so proud of Hinarei.

Hinarei and her art teacher Dani

Hinarei wall of arts

She has accomplished so much

Love this painting

This one is one of my favorites

Dani made this cute crayons case. Thank you Dani Hinarei loved it.

Look what's inside

My dear friend Lynette made those beautiful artist folders with each art the child made. Thank you so much Lynette you are definitely the most talented woman that I know. Plus she did that as a service project working on her Young Woman Medallion she's been in YW for couple of months now and is loving it.

Love it

The refreshments setting. The kids painted this canvas.

Love this, thanks Lynette

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  1. You are so nice to thank me! I just love you! That art class was amazing wasn't it! It was so fun! THank you so much for taking Madelyn for me! You are such a good friend! I can't tell you that enough!