Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Children Museum

Okay yesterday I went with Kristin and Suzanne to Discovery Gateway. It's been a while since our last trip to DC so it was time to take the kids there, especially that my membership expires next month. I got this idea from Jen, thanks Jen for this great idea it's been awesome and the kids loved it. We have a container of marbles, and an empty jar that they filled with marbles. Every time they obey us, share really well between each other and with friends when they come over, clean up their messes at the table, in their bedrooms, and say "please" "sorry""I love you" or anything else worthy of praise, they get one marble or a couple depending on what they did. For example, cleaning up bedrooms 4 marbles, sharing toys, 2 marbles, and so on... It's been such a treat to see the kids filling up the empty jar. So since they have been so good a trip to Discovery Gateway was definitely a must and plus they get to play with their friends.
They just had a great time with Kristin's kids and Suzanne's boy. We were there for almost 4 hours that's how much fun they had. While the kids were playing us the Moms just hang out and talked, it was very nice. Thanks Kristin for the ride, we definitely have to do it again.
Last month I took the kids to Kangaroo Zoo and so other women from my ward. The kids had tons of fun. My kids play so well with Kristin's kids that we stayed there for almost 4 hours too and I totally forgot about Hinarei's piano lesson!Oops!!:) At least Hinarei and Raimana were having lots of fun!!

They played so good together

Having Fun

Aren't they cute?


  1. SO much fun! Love it! Love all those cute kids!

  2. It was way fun! I totally started your marble / jar idea last night. It's always great to get new ideas of ways to reinforce good behavior in my kids and to focus on the positive instead of punishments. Thanks for the idea!

  3. You guys had so much fun together, all the kids look like they enjoyed it. We have not been in a long time we will have to go soon ;)