Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Holidays and Happy New Year 2010!!!

We've had such a busy and fabulous Holidays that I honestly don't know where to start. All I can say it was a BLAST!! The Yim Family spent the Holidays with our family. They are visiting from Raiatea one of the neighboring islands of Tahiti. Last time I saw them was about 3 years ago we spent some time with them in Raiatea. Now the grandkids are so big and beautiful. I will try to put as many pictures as I can to show you how much fun we had with them. Despite the chilly days and nights we were able to do a lot of things.
Uncle Michel is Mama'u little brother. He has 5 children and 3 grandkids only girls. For some of them it's their first time seeing, touching and playing in the Snow!!!

Christmas Sing a Long at the Energy Solution
Monday 22nd of December 2009

The Yim Family arrived in the afternoon around 4PM. They drove from LAX and made a stop in Beaver. We were so happy to finally see them. That first night we took them to the Christmas Sing a Long at the Energy Solution, thanks Lynette for the idea. It was definitely packed but they loved it. They tried to sing even though they didn't know the words in English but they just sang in French instead. I can't believe I stood in line for 45 minutes for stupid free hot dogs, oh well I guess it was worth it.

Love Christmas Songs


Lehi, Raihei, Virginie and Kelly

Heiana and Hinarei enjoying their drinks and hot dog

Photo Shoot
I wanted to give pictures of the grandkids to Auntie Pauline and uncle Michel for Christmas so I asked my dear friend Lynette to work her magic and they were AMAZING!! We did it at her house for a short time. Thank you, thank you soo much Lynette the grand parents got chocked up when they saw the pictures. They REALLY loved them. Thank you again you're The Best!

Kelly, Raihei and Nelly

Raihei 5

Nelly 8

Kelly 8


Despite our busy schedule we were able to attend the temple with few members of the Yim Family. It was such a great experience. Virginie had never seen a live endowment and she really enjoyed it. It was a great day.

Thursday 24th of December 2009
Since uncle Dean had to work on Christmas Eve we decided to have a game night instead and celebrate our Family Christmas on Christmas Day. We first had dinner at a buffet, drove around the neighborhood to see the lights, then ended up at Papa'u church and played game all night. We also set up the cultural hall for our dinner the next day. We played ping pong, basket ball, board games and more...It was a very FUN night!


Playing board game. We had to translate in French so they would know how to play the game.

Playing Basketball

Having fun

Uncle Michel and Papa'u playing pingpong

Christmas Eve Dinner


Enjoying dinner

Buffet dinner

Neighborhood Christmas Lights

I'm not a Ute Fan but those lights were awesome!

When we got home late that night we did our traditional gift from the Tree. Virginie loved that idea and wants to start that tradition starting next year.

We did not forget the cookies for Santa. She definitely want to do the same next year with her family.

Christmas Day Morning

Guess who woke up the first?? Raimana. He noticed Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk.

Hinarei wanted a pet shop set since last year so she was very excited when she opened her gifts.

Men made breakfast for us, so nice of you guys!

Family Christmas Day Celebration
What a beautiful Christmas Day we had with the Yim Family. Dinner was delicious, the program was very emotional, the gifts awesome. We got a Garmin GPS from Wayne's parents and we love it. We all shared a skit including Christmas songs, performances, instrumental, and more. Of course the most important we focused on Christ and the reason we are celebrating Christmas at this time of the year. We truly had a wonderful evening.

Hinarei with Mama'u

Auntie Pauline getting emotional after seeing the beautiful pictures of her grandkids

Hinarei loving her crown set

This is how my son spent most of the day sleeping peacefully. He didn't get to open his gifts from his cousins and grandparents but he was able to ride his new quad he got for Christmas later that night.

Leoni was very happy for the gift we got her family

Hinarei and I got 3 built a bear bunny for her cousins for Christmas. We made their bows. They loved it and wanted to take the box with them all the way back to Raiatea.

The Yim Family were showered with Love and lots of gifts. They were very touched.

Leoni starting our first emotional exchange

We had to talk about the person sitting next to us and what we like about them. Leoni started to cry and it carried all the way to the last person. Very emotional night.

Our live band Nephi playing the guitar

Mama'u and Papa'u doing their spiritual skit

The girls doing a performance they learned at school

Michel enjoying the delicious Christmas dinner

We had such a great night.

Jazz Game
The next evening we got tickets for the Yim Family to go see the Jazz Game.

Enjoying the Jazz Game

It was a fun Game

National Anthem

Hinarei and Raimana pass time during the Jazz Game

Hinarei and Tekehu having a very late dinner after watching the Jazz Game.

The Spoken Word

We woke up early on Sunday morning to go watch the Tabernacle Choir "The Spoken Word". The Yim Family really enjoyed and couldn't believe how beautiful that place was and hear the beautiful choir. It was a very special moment for them. Sorry most of the pictures are blurr!!

Isabelle (non member) and Michel

Raihei's Birthday Party

Raihei turned 5 so we celebrated her birthday at our house. We had 23 adults and 12 kids running around in my house. That's a lot of people but we were able to fit everyone in.

The Birthday Girl


it's playtime!

Hinarei with her Dad. She did not want to go play bowling!!

Virginie playing bowling

She almost did but just wanted to pose with the ball.

Go Isabelle

Go Michel

Waiting for their time to play


It was sooo cold that night 14F but at least we were able to take a picture of them with the Temple in the back.

Love that picture

Irena and Freddy waiting patiently for the Joseph Smith Movie to start

After the Movie

In the theatre

Raimana was soo good

Hinarei with her cousins

Waiting for the Movie


We had so much fun sledding at this awesome Golf Course. The slopes were amazing and tons of room. The cousins had lots of fun. They did not have the proper gear for sledding as you can see, some of them were wearing shorts but they had so much fun that they forgot about the cold. We went up there twice and both time they had a BLAST!

Lehi going down the hill

Uncle Michel

Nelly and Kelly



Helping Hands

The girls were so happy to put the birthday gifts together I had to do for primary. 100 birthday bags!!


We took them to visit the Humanitarian Center and I am always amazed to see all the things that the Church does to help those in need due to natural disasters. We were also able to go visit the Church Truck Company that is located right behind the Humanitarian Center. To my surprised the director is the father of our old 1st counselor in our bishopric who just moved out. What a small world!

The kids played Go Fish while waiting for our tour to start

Uncle Michel by this huge truck. He always wanted to see this kind of truck up close.

Well He even got in

Joey's dad let the kids pull the Horn

They usually don't give tour in that area but since we know this guy who actually lived in Tahiti for many years so we were able to see what kind of merchandise the Trucks transport. It was pretty neat. It just reaffirms me how much the Church does for others and how everything is well organized and well done.

I am not done I still have to get pictures of our New Year's Eve Dance and the New Year Day. Since my camera broke I borrowed papa'u camera so as soon as I get the pictures from his camera I will add more pictures.

I love the sound of the "ukulele"

Going down the Hill


  1. Your post made me tired reading it. Man you sure do know how to have fun! Quite jealous of you!
    WHere do I even start?!
    Love that Sunshine loves LPS~! Mads and her should play together with them. It is an evil addiction of buying them.
    So glad that they loved the pictures of the girls and I am so glad you got a picture of her opening them. How precious!
    Your holidays look wonderful and I love how much you captured.
    It sounds like you need to go down for a long Christmas nap now.

  2. Man you guys did so much, talk about a fun packed weekend :) Love your huge family dinner. So glad you had such a special Christmas.