Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Catching up To Do!!

Okay you probably think I went somewhere on vacation and didn't have time to write in my blog. Nope! I am just here and just being lazy. So now I am going to attempt to write about what we have been up to these last couple of weeks.


It was Sunshine's first parade on a float. Miss Mo had a cute float all decorated and the girls loved it. They sure had a lot of fun on the float, dancing, throwing candies, and singing. Sunshine at first was reluctant to be on the float then once her friends showed up she forgot all about it.

Waiting patiently for the parade to start

Here comes the Legacy Dance Float. Yea!!!

Looking good girls

Before the parade starts Sunshine with Ellie and Madelyn

The kids got some cool stuff animals, candies, and more candies. It was a very fun parade it only lasted 30 minutes which was perfect for us.


After the parade we rushed home, dropped off Babe and Boubou and went to Brielle's birthday party. It was a FUN birthday party. Anabel did such a good job. The food was excellent I loved the salad, tons of gifts for sweet Brielle, love the slide show on the TV, Great pinata, Good company, Love the princess bouncing castle. It was fun party. Thanks for inviting us Anabel.

The birthday girl with her proud parents


Ben, Sunshine and Madelyn
Sunshine wanted to play with her Joy School buddies so they came and they had a fun time together. They even had popsicles.

Sunshine with her cousin Heiana

My little boy playing with cereals in the kitchen

We went to the Library one day and let the kids chose some of their favorite books they wanted to read. To my surprise we ended up getting more than 10 books at a time. Sunshine and Boubou sure had a great time looking for books at the library.

Sunshine loved that book

Boubou enjoying his book

Whatever books were there that's what we got

We went to Lagoon with Claudine's Stake Lagoon Day. The day was better for us then our Lagoon day because Babe had that day off. We got there pretty early and Sunshine had all the rides to herself. No wait, just go and have fun on the ride. The kids sure had a great time. Not long after her cousins joined in the fun.

Enjoying the boat

One of her favorite rides

Boubou driving a car

Boubou with Heiana


We decided last minute that we were going to the Drive-In. I hate planning things last minute because I like plan things the way it should be planned but not Babe!! So off we drove to the drive-in, got some pizza, and went to watch Ice Age 3. It was such a cute movie. Sunshine really loved it. We were able to find my friend Lynette, and Erin with their family and seat next to them. The kids did very well and we all enjoyed a nice movie. We only stayed for one movie since the next day was Sunday and plus we were tired by the time Ice Age ended.


Sunshine enjoying the swimming pool under a shade in our backyard.

Babe is enjoying his time off with his kids.


  1. Sunshine was in a parade now that's COOL! It wasn't hard to find your little "brown girl in the ring, lalalala..." I enjoyed the pictures of your beautiful family "minus YOU" haha :) (picture taker). I smiled when I read the part of how you like to plan things verses the way your husband goes about things. If it makes you feel better I think it's a guy thing because I like to plan things too. Quick example: tomorrow we are going camping as a family because Mon Monsieur wants to so now I'm running around trying to get things us Polys' would say "Aue tatou e". Have a great weekend my friend!

  2. Sounds like you have been busy. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun. We did the drive-in movie too, but I could only make one movie. The kids wanted to stay, but mom wanted to climb into a comfortable bed :)

  3. Wow you sure did have a lot to update, hehe! Lot's of fun memories, love it! I am so happy you guys came to the birthday party and I am glad you guys had a good time :) The farmington parade was fun, my favorite part was seeing all the moms running around behind the float taking pictures, so funny!! Can't wait till next year.

  4. you dont have time to update because you are so busy having fun this summer! love all the fun things you are doing! i just love your kids!