Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Camping Trip

We've never been camping with our little family so we decided that this Summer we would take our little family to the outdoors. So we went to Pineview Reservoir and we loved it. The kids were in Heaven. Sunshine would play at the beach for hours and hours. During the day the weather was low 90s and at night it was low 30s so we were very hot then very cold good thing we had good sleeping bags. The kids did so good and really had a great time there. It was so peaceful and so relaxing to be camping. We are sure going camping a couple more before Summer is over. Pineview Lake water was just perfect. We just love that place now it is definitely going to be a tradition for our family to go camping there every Summer. Plus the drive is only less than an hour love it.

Here is Sunshine posing in front of our tent

The Breathtaking view from our camp site

The view of the sky from our tent

Early in the morning the kids would go play right behind our camp site in this huge high grass area

Enjoying the warm water at Pineview Reservoir
Father Daughter Moment

She could stay and play for hours

Enjoying the water

Enjoying his drink

She is having the time of her life

Enjoying her corn

My boy slept around 7PM till the next day. Loved it.
He started like this until night came I had to put his pj because it was getting colder.

Sunshine wanted me to take a picture of her in the tent

Babe reading books to his kids

Out and exploring

I so love those two little munchkins


  1. What an amazing camping trip! It looks like such a wonderful place to camp specially with being able to swim in the lake, I love that. I am looking forward to going camping sometime next summer when I am not pregnant, hehe! I will have to keep that place in mind since it looks like such a fun location.

  2. What a gorgeous place. Jake and I are always looking for new places. That place looks awesome and I love that you say the water isn't cold. Glad you had a good time. You took some great pictures.

  3. i so heart pineview!!! that place is so fun. i use to camp ther every summer when i was young! it looks like your kids had a blast! your family is so stinking cute and i love the pic of raymana sleeping adorable!

  4. Fun, fun, fun...I like all the pictures especially of your kids in the tall grass + dandelions very kiddie cute...Pineview seems to be a nice place...Relaxing indeed. We went camping last week: the White Mountains of AZ, it was nice I'll have to sit down and post it on my blog. Looks like we ALL had CAMPING on the brain! Take care camper!

  5. What a fun adventure!! Your kids are darling!! Love all the fun pics!!