Thursday, January 16, 2014

I AM BACK!!!!!!!

Wow where should I start. I've been MIA from the blog world for 4 years and let me tell you I wish I hadn't. So many things has happened since the last time I wrote on my blog. I wish I had written down everything that we have done together as a family. Going back will be impossible. So I might be able to do some highlights for each year that I missed. Now that I work at night time I have a lot of free time to write my blog while working. So wish me luck and be on the look out for more post from me. YAY!!!!


  1. My goodness! It makes me so happy to see you coming back!!! I feel like I have missed so much specially since we both moved away and I hardly see you at bunco. Love it and welcome back my friend!!! Woohoo!

  2. YAY Margo!!!!!! I'm so glad you're back!!! Once a month is not enough for me to hear how things are going in the munanui family. Can't wait to start seeing posts!!!