Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party!!

We had a family Halloween Party last night at our house. It was so much fun to see all the grandkids going around the neighborhood trick or treating. Raimana was having so much fun!! Love Jules' house decorations very scary! We sure all had a great time. Thanks Dad for handing out candies!!

Davey Jones AKA uncle Dean. He dressed up at work so he could get a day off. How cool is that?

The Trick or Treaters

Jules' house was scary!

The kids had so much fun trick or treating with their cousins

Go get some more!!

And off he goes!!

After trick or Treating the kids ate tons of cookies!!YUM!


  1. That Davey Jones is scary! What a fun party at your house and look at your cute little cupcakes and marshmallows! You are so fun! Your kids look adorable in their costumes!

  2. WOW you guys rock! Happy belated Halloween Munanui's! Are you guys getting off the sugar buzz? or still buzzing?

  3. What a fun Halloween celebration. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so much fun to see everyone dressed up. I love the uncle's costume, very cool and creative. The treats looks super yummy and sugary, that's the way go :)